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Apollo Energy Gum® comes from the Liquid Core® Gum Company in Denver, Colorado USA. This is where the development, production, main sales and worldwide marketing for all brands of the Apollo® Brands family are located.

Years ago the founder of Apollo® Energy Gum USA, Troy Widgery, successfully launched the energy drink GoFast! (www.gofast.com) was founded, manufactured and distributed. In the meantime the rights of Go Fast! ® have been sold.

Troy’s passion and background are extreme sports, health and fitness. With great passion he developed the brand GoFast! into a global brand. However, he has continued to experiment to find a better, healthier and more efficient way to provide the body with energy when it needs it. The development of Apollo® Energy Gum is based on 10 years of research and development, and over 700 different tested compositions and formulations.

Troy’s idea is that a Liquid Core®, a liquid caffeine and vitamin containing core, surrounded by a classic sugar free chewing gum, in which the xylitol as well as the fresh spearmint flavour is incorporated, is the best and most natural way to provide consumers with clean energy: natural, tooth and stomach friendly, and super convenient for travel.

Quality is the top priority at Apollo®: all ingredients, suppliers and every production step is extremely closely controlled, analysed and perfected to offer the best quality to athletes, sportsmen and women, but also to all those who want to stay alert and awake in their daily lives. Instead of using ingredients that are difficult to understand or trendy, Apollo® stays with the basics. If there is no benefit for the consumer, it is not used.

The Apollo® team in Denver is a small group of passionate people with one mission: Better Energy – Better Life TM.

In Germany, the Apollo® Energy Brands team has set itself the goal of implementing the values and goals of Apollo® Brands LLC. in the USA, and to promote Apollo® Energy Gum. There is nothing equivalent on the German market that comes close to the quality of Apollo®. We are proud to bring Troy’s idea of Clean Energy to Germany and to represent his evolution of the energy segment in the German market.

Our goal is to promote the healthy intake of Energy, especially in amateur and professional sports in many different sports where concentration and focus, as well as physical performance, are required. But also for all those who have to do a lot in their job, have to study concentrated or take exams, drive a long car, fly a lot, work long and late, or simply need a little kick for a more effective and fitter workout: we are here for you!

And: We are looking forward to it!

Your Apollo Team Germany

Why Apollo?

Apollo’s Liquid Core

Delivers Natural Caffeine and B Vitamins on the First Chew

Xylitol, Zerp Sugar, Zero Aspartham

Helps Prevent Cavities and Strengthens Teeth. No Sugar Crash!

Natural Spearmint Flavor

Helps Freshen Breath

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